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LEO dictionary


The application gives you online access to all LEO dictionaries, lets you participate in the LEO forums and use the vocab trainer (both online and offline).Dictionaries:
The application allows you to look up words online in the LEO dictionaries for the language pairs German-- English (793,000)- French (247,000)- Spanish (201,000)- Italian (178,000)- Chinese (176,000)- Russian (228,000)- Portuguese (72,000)- Polish (57,000)
Results for queries may also include additional information such as- definitions- conjugation tables- audio files- grammar & etymology,
as well as other information relevant to the search term including- orthographically similar words- possible base forms for inflected words- forum discussions containing the search term.
The forum feature allows you to post language-related questions that are not answered by the dictionary. In some sections of the forums, you may need to be a registered user to post questions.
Vocab trainer:
With the trainer feature you can save words and memorise them in a so-called slide show or practise them using various other quiz modes. You may use the trainer online as well as offline and synchronise word lists and statistics on your smart-phone with those on the Web.
Detailed information on all functions are available on our website.